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Download These Travel Apps ASAP

Actualizado: 22 de ago de 2020

There are plenty of travel apps that you can download. I’m sharing some apps that I find the most useful for the duration of my trip for a relaxing vacation. All of these apps are FREE!

Airport Apps

Long TSA lines, missed flights, and uncontrollably long Border Control lines - I’ve been through it all. These are the best apps to make your trip less stressful. These apps are great for making your entire airport experience better, from start to finish.

The Flight Tracker

Keep track of your flight details with The Flight Tracker App. Have a loved one or a friend flying in? This one’s for you. Gate changes, late arrivals, departures, all can be viewed from this app. You can also share the flight itinerary with anyone expecting your arrival or with your mom who wants to know where you are at every moment every when you’re in your mid-20s.

Priority Pass

Priority Pass is an independent program that provides access to many airport lounges throughout the world. The app provides you an indoor airport map to 10 major airports. With discount and upgrade options to spas, retail, dining, and more, this app provides an overall better airport experience.


MyTSA as you may see plastered in every US airport, is a travel program that allows you to be pre-screened through an interview session at a TSA branch location. Therefore, allowing you to bypass the long lines and extra checks that others go through at the airport. Though the app is free to download, the actual TSA Pre-Check program does cost. However, don’t let that stop you from downloading the app because the app does offer other features that are accessible free-of-charge. One of my favorites is the ability to track how busy the airport will be during a specific day and time based on historical data. That way, you can plan your travel dates or your airport arrival time around this. Another favorite, is the ability to view the status of delays and checkpoint wait times 🙌. Wait for it...There’s also a live chat box feature to chat with our unbelievably friendly TSA besties. Nervous first-time flyers, this one’s for you. Get all of your jitters out!

Mobile Passport

I’m coming home from my 4-months abroad and I arrive at JFK airport 🥴. At this point, it’s day 3 of my journey home. I’m tired and stressed out. I’m taking a Megabus home to DC from NY. I have 3 hours to get from JFK to The Megabus stop at the Javits Center. This line is definitely going to take an hour and a half. So, of course I’m getting worried. As I look up to see all of the TSA Pre-Check ads taunting me, the only think I’m thinking is “Girl! why didn’t you just get TSA Pre-Check?!” I look up again to see a sign for Mobile Passports. I’m thinking what’s this?! So I google it because no question is a dumb question. And here’s where my frown was turned upside down! The mobile passport is another way to bypass the long border-control line. You fill out information that can be found on your passport, take a clear photo of yourself, and fill out the electronic customs form. I filled out the information in less than 5 minutes and boom! I instantly asked to be moved to the Mobile Passport line where one other insider stood. I was on my way and thankfully made it to my bus in time.

Language Apps

Google Translate

This one pretty much speaks for itself. Google Translate is definitely a must-have. The great thing about having the Google Translate App is that it also works offline. So, if your connection is slow getting to the Google Translate webpage, you can move quicker by opening up the app. The app can detect languages if you don’t know what language you need translated. In addition, the voice capability speaks what you’ve typed, in case you aren’t familiar with the language you are translating. The best feature, is that the app allows you to draw symbols and will translate for you - for example when translating signs in Mandarin or Greek.

Trip Planning Apps


TripIt allows your to organize you travel itinerary. Forward your travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com & let TripIt do the rest. A new feature, allows you to view how much carbon footprint your trip leaves and ways to reduce its environmental impact.

Road trippers

Are you a Roadtripper? This app allows you to put in two destinations and see any destinations between your Point A and Point B. planning out your rest stops? Plan them out according to what’s nearby. Make the most out of your road trip with Road Trippers!

Overall Favorite

App In The Air

App In The Air is an all-around powerhouse! This app does it all! It allows you to add your flight in order to obtain any information about your itinerary - flight distance to destination, seat map, in-flight amenities, mobile boarding pass, gate changes and delays. The app allows you to view the weather forecast for your dates, travel docs, expense tracking, hotel confirmations, and places/things to do nearby your airport. It even allows you to measure your baggage to make sure it’s compliant with the airlines measurements 😱. The app saves and organizes your past trips for you to look back at any information - say for example, to redeem missing flight miles! In addition, it features an option to save all of your loyalty programs in the app for easy access. Sometimes, when you’re signed up for so many loyalty programs, you can forget who you even have deals with and you can miss out on major discounts. Insane, right?!

Let us know your favorite travel apps in the comments, below! We’re all about making travel fun and effortless 😌.

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