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10 Phrases You Should Learn

There are ten key phrases that you should learn before traveling to a foreign country. Learning a new language is fun for some and too much of a hassle for others. From asking around, one thing that prevents people from traveling abroad is language barriers. These phrases will add some cultural immersion into your short trip and prevent you from being that stereotypical American that foreigners love to hate. To cut down on learning an entirely new language for a short-term vacation, I've trickled down what you need to learn into ten short phrases. If you think about it, memorizing these phrases on your flight abroad is so much easier than remembering an entire language.



Basic greetings are a necessity in all languages. It is rude to walk into someone's establishment and not speak. In some countries, it is taken very offensively if you do not greet the workers or owner. Some cultures may not find it rude at all, but it's better to be safe than sorry. The chances of you getting better service would be greater.



Responses to questions is another basic necessity. Saying yes all of the time, may sound obsessive to you. However, it goes a long way. Saying no, is also necessary in all types of situations.


Thank you

These are general manners that everyone should carry in other languages.

Where is...?

You can easily say "Where is" and add the place you're trying to go, to create a full sentence.

The bathroom

Well, you have to figure out where the bathroom is, right?


You should know how to find safety and protection.

How much?

For shopping needs, whether it's food or clothes, you should ask how much before it's time to bring out the cash.

For added bonus, learning a little bit of a language, can prevent you from getting scammed in a lot of situations. If you haven't already noticed, many of your new vocabulary words can be combined to form a conversation. For example, "where is...the bathroom?"and "thank you". Voila! You have now leaned basic conversation in your new language!

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